DLP's Productions

Unholy Procession "Dèniahrvtre Dervaosti" Black CD / DLP 001


Black Metal horde from France, spreading a brillant Raw Black Metal, with Dark Ambient tracks in the vein of the mighty Black Legions !! Black CD limited to 50 Handnumbered copies! OUT NOW !

Price: 8 euros

Damned Land Production: 001


Helslakt "Synesthésie" Tape / DLP 002


          Raw Black Metal from Switzerland. Excelent demo, playing their own madness..              A total annihilation of peacefull atsmospheres.

Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.


Damned Land Production: 002

Winter Depression "..To the endless night Forest" (Featuring WEDARD !) Tape / DLP 003


Cold Dark Ambient in the vein of Vinterriket. With a track of the new album of the greatest WEDARD !!!!
RECOMMENDED for all fans of cold and melancolic atmospheres ! Limited to 50 handnumbered copies. OUT NOW !

Price: 4 euros

Damned Land Production: 003




The purest Nihilistik propaganda is now wearable. The new piece of the most extreme entity is available through Damned Land Production! Limited to 50 copies (sizes available L-XL-M-1 S-2 XXL) Official TSHIRTS !! SPREAD THE TERRROR !!!


Price: 16 euros

Damned Land Production: 004

Nuit Close / Visualization (split) Cd-pro / DLP 005


Reedition of this amazing SPLIT !! NC is in the vein of the greatest Yamaoka Akira (Silent Hill) and Visualization spread his Dark Ambient/Noise in the vein of the mighty STALAGGH !! A Total Martial Art with allienation voices !!
HIGHLY RECOMMANDED !! Limited to 30 handnumbered Copies on Cd-pro)!!


Price: 8 euros

Damned Land Production: 005

6 Drawings of a STALAGGH mental patient / DLP 006

EXCLUSIVELY produced  and distributed by Damned Land Production, the "Screaming Faces" made by the insane mental patient who collabores with STALAGGH/GULAGGH for drawings. This is the drawer who has performed for the PURE MISANTHROPIA artwork.

ONLY 6 drawings available only through Damned Land Production.

Have a piece of Madness, Coldness and Extrem Desolation in Art...so, get the face of Terrror in front of you and go to the psychotic world...HIS insane asylum!

Size: 1 large: 21.2cm x 29.6cm
  5 small: 15cm x 20cm


Price: One small is 30 euros. One large is: 50 euros (this is the Draw 1)

Get a chance to have in your hands the sickness work of a STALAGGH mental patient.


Damned Land Production 006

click on the drawings to enlarge the screens 


GULAGGH Tshirt (out in Oktober) / DLP 007


Finally the first GULAGGH T-Shirt is here!  Produced by Damned Land Production.

The new master piece of sickness and madness will be wearable on Oktober !!!

Price: 16 euros


Damned Land Production 007

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